Corporate Social Responsilbility


Our Company is committed to ensuring that its success and growth does not come at the expense of our employees, local communities or the environment.
Our goal is to become a lighthouse among European manufacturers for conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. On regular base we seek new ways to further improve our Triple Bottom Line of ‘People, Planet and Profit’.


We are a responsible employer and recognise the high value of a motivated, engaged and healthy workforce. We comply with all local employment laws and regulations covering working age, working hours, employment policies, wages, social security benefits and freedom of association. We have also continued to cap the number of overtime hours completed by our employees in order to promote a better work and life balance
Our employees are at the core of all that we do and we invest in programs that support our workforce, including health benefits, workplace safety programs and other beneficial programs.
To ensure sustainable and long term growth, we are also investing in the training and promotion of managerial employees.


We recognised long ago the risks posed by population growth and resource scarcity and are continually expanding and improving our sustainability programs. We continue to look for ways – both big and small – to regulate and reduce our use of the Earth’s resources across processes such as waste management, energy use, water conservation and carbon emissions.


We seek to be not just an employer, but also a source of value creation and local economic development. We understand that that we can only truly profit in the long-term by ensuring that our stakeholders, including our workforce, clients, business partners and local communities, profit as well.


Code of Conduct


With full respect for the employees’ health and public benefits, the Company undertakes the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Refraining from recruiting employees who are minors. For this purpose, we do not recruit people younger than 16 years of age or under the minimum labour age as prescribed by the laws or at the ages of going to school.

  2. Working environment must be guaranteed for health and labour safety for all Employees as well as for environmental protection.

  3. The standard working hours per one week are 40 hours following the local existing legislation. The total working hours do not exceed 48 hours per week and the total overtime working hours are limited to 8 hours per week. Employees shall be off at least 2 consecutive days for each working week. Working overtime will be paid according to the laws.

  4. Salary must be satisfactory and meet the basic needs and Employees’ interests in accordance with the existing laws.

  5. Respecting equal rights and not discriminating against Employees due to their race, religion, skin colour, age, sex, social class, political opinion and social position.

  6. Working place must be maintained and respected: no forced labour in any manner, pest, labour abuse or application of any punishment offending employees’ honour and human dignity. 

  7. Respect employee’s rights to freely assemble and joining any association, labour union, trade union as well as the rights of labour dispute settlement according to the applicable laws.


Restricted Substances Commitment and Compliance


Our Company remains fully updated on, and agree to comply with, Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, of the European Parliament and the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) including the “Substances of Very High Concern” for all orders and products for our clients.

Voluntarily we upgrade our suppliers to the CADS RSL Standard ( going far beyond what’s legally required nowadays.

Producing for well-known international brands we are observing as well specific requested Chemical Restrictions. We understand the importance of meeting these requirements when producing for our clients, and that it is necessary for our company and all our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with them.

We commit ourselves to inform our suppliers and subcontractors of the requirements, and ensure that all products we source are meeting these standards.

Our clients are entitled to check any products, parts of products, packaging, storage, production units etc., at any time or by any method. The testing on products, and any part of any product is exclusively done at internationally-recognized and approved testing laboratories such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, etc..